Saturday, 23 October 2010

Bernard Chandran

this show honestly took my breath away. while the clothes aren't necessarily what i would wear myself, bernard chandran does utilitarian chic to a tee, with malaysian inspirations that make me very proud of my own roots. despite being fairly structural, the collection maintains a feminine and somewhat soft edge to it that is very inspiring and wearable.

♥ xo

Thursday, 21 October 2010


so i was completely lucky to attend LFW this year - i dillydallied with tumblr to upload my photos but in the end made it back to faithful blogger, with some new inspiration! here are my favourite shots from the week, with my favourite shows coming up in the next few posts.

{christopher lawrence presentation}

{backstage at jean-pierre braganza}

{body AMR}

{georgia hardinge}

♥ xo

p.s. these photos belong to me so if you'd like to use them, please credit me

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

diamonds are forever

i am far too excited for this to be available soon!!

♥ xo

Monday, 23 August 2010

perfect little apartment

i keep dreaming about this little breakfast nook in berlin {via ikea live}. it is my go-to look for what i want my future apartment to look like, and also proves you can have a kitchen in even the smallest of spaces! check out the link for the rest of the photos of this adorable little apartment

♥ xo

Monday, 16 August 2010

what to make of this?

i can't decide if paul and joe's new cat lipstick is completely adorable or verging on a little strange. if they did one with a bunny, on the other hand...

♥ xo

Sunday, 15 August 2010

granny chic

i have heard the term granny chic banded around recently, and have seen countless knit cardigans and dropped hem skirts lately, but it was not until this morning that i really encountered a truly chic granny. i could definitely draw inspiration from her pearly pink cable knit cardi, floral print blouse, and even her high waisted trousers, but what i found truly charming about her ensemble was a long pendant necklace complete keys! forget about a dainty little key charm from tiffanys, next time i hit the town, i know i'll be sure not to get locked out of the house!

♥ xo

Saturday, 7 August 2010

back in the swing

this past week has been a whirlwind of homecoming from france, diy around the house and a major overhaul of my 14-year-old self's bedroom. i am in love with my new, 'grown up' room, conveniently finished a month before i move out. at least i still have a few weeks to enjoy it before i am thrust back into the 'big smoke'!

as for now, i can tell i've settled back into my daily routine, purely because of the fact that i have already ordered my next hit, in the shape of a bling bling boyfriend watch. it has to be said, i often quite openly wish i was a chav, and this little number is going to bring me that much closer to my longed-for identity. sadly, i won't be rocking a full tracksuit just yet.

i am keen to point out though, the rise of the 'boyfriend'. first it was stealing your other half's shirt...which has evolved into actual men's clothing made for women - the boyfriend jeans, the boyfriend blazer, the boyfriend cardigan and, now, the boyfriend watch. have a great little selection and i'm looking forward to the postman's arrival on monday. i also splashed out on asos premier - free next day delivery for an entire year, plus first-looks at new collection and sale items, at the discounted price of £14.95 until the end of august. definitely worth it.

the 'boyfriend outfit'
{slowmotion organic cotton tee, asos boyfriend blazer, gap distressed boyfriend jeans, asos boyfriend watch, all via}

♥ xo

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


obviously when i wrote yesterdays post i had completely forgotten i am off to the south of france today! so blogging will recommence next week,

♥ xo

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


so it has definitely been a's been a whirlwind few months what with finishing up exams, working A LOT and then graduation! i am officially a SOAS graduate which makes me so excited but also a little bit scared.

At the moment I'm interning with a pr/marketing/events company which is really exciting, but i'm realllly excited to be interning next month with a fashion and lifestyle blog and i will be running around at LFW taking photos and doing some blog posts, which i'll discuss nearer the time.

i've felt a little uninspired to blog recently - i've moved home for now and when i'm at home i don't feel independent anymore, which makes me feel like i have nothing to blog about. but i'm really hoping to get my blog back on track and write about something worth reading!!

toodles (for now) ♥ xo

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

simple suppers

simple suppers all eaten from the same bowl.

{miso soup with poached salmon, leeks and soba noodles}

{salmon penne with spinach, olives, tomatoes and sundried tomatoes}

{sesame turkey stirfry with babycorn and coriander}

{roasted sweet potatoes with peas and sundried tomatoes}

{spaghetti with salmon and spinach in cream sauce}

♥ xo