Tuesday, 30 March 2010

sweet home

my boyfriend and i are getting ever closer to the moving in stage, and i can't wait! but my bedroom is insanely girly (as you might have noticed from a few posts ago). luckily the giant pink silk butterfly comforter that i have is the softest thing in the world and he loves sleeping with it, so that gets to stay! and while i'll be taking all my favourite things with me, i can't wait to look for things we can choose together. my boy is really into tattoos and luckily i love tattoo iconography too, and i think this print by seb lester will be just the right marriage of mascuiline colours and a girly sentiment!

♥ xo

Friday, 26 March 2010

taking the plunge

for the past few hairs i have had hair that hangs just passed my boobs. it's become my thing and my safety blanket - if i feel too chesty, my hair can hide it. but recently i've been toying with the idea of a shorter cut. i went to see my trusty hairdresser, edward, at andrew jose, and reemerged an hour later with a much lighter haircut and a gorgeous blowdry.
when i had the haircut in mine, i was thinking of gwyneth paltrow's shoulder length bob from cannes film festival a couple years ago, and i've styled it in loose curls. so happy to have shorter hair for summer and i can cosy up with my long locks when the colder weather comes around again!

p.s. sorry for the slightly glazed over expression...it's been a long day!!

♥ xo

Thursday, 25 March 2010


over the past few months i've noticed that since i started university in 2007, the weight has slowly but surely been creeping up. it doesn't help that my mum gives me pitying smiles when i mention my discomfort with my weight gain (she eats like a horse and she is miniscule), but topshop seems to think that my arse is the same size as jupiter, despite me being able to wear small sizes in other stores due to my petite frame. of course the boyfriend says all is fine, but it's not really for anyone else, it's just for myself. since just before christmas i have been vowing to do something about it, and since i returned to uni in january i've been avidly going to the gym and starting to see some results (and enjoying it!). there's still a bit of flab that only a diet can fix, but on the whole everything is slightly less wobbly. this is good.
it hasn't helped living with three boys who cook beautiful food but at the same time fill the cupboards with doritos, cookies and BACON. bacon is my vice. so yesterday i started the special k diet. i ate 2 bowls of special k, a banana, a clementine, an apple, a carrot and for my meal of the day, ultimate nachos :) but healthy nachos with loads of avocados, fresh peppers and kidney beans. and i drank about 3 litres of water, which is a lot for a little body like me. today was a bit harder because, while i love special k and never get sick of it, there was tempting chilli beef left over from last night. so i mixed a little bit with a salad of cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, onions and a little cottage cheese. beautiful. and still low cal, so everything is going to plan.
i feel like when i lose a few pounds i'll just be a lot happier, and somewhere along the way i think i just gave up when i felt like i'd past the point of no return and i was never going to get my 2007 body back!

don't worry, i'm not going to moan about my weight from here-on after, but i think i might start posting a few foodie pictures. i love eating and i love cooking, so it's probably about time i incorporated this into my blog.

thanks for reading if you're still there!

♥ xo

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

easter bunnies

it is a month until my 21st birthday!
in a month today i will have a cuddly little easter bunny to snuggle with, courtesy of the boyfriend. but i'll save you from millions of pictures of adorable rabbit babies (once i start i won't be able to stop), and post you my favourite easter treats!

1. hand decorated fortnum and mason luxury chocolate easter egg
2. charbonnel and walker mint truffles at liberty of london
3. classic lindt gold bunny
4. crazy looking filled chocolate eggs from hotel chocolat
5. adorable bunny rabbit lamp by skk lighting at liberty's
6. prestat dark chocolate easter egg from liberty's

♥ xo

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

literally my heaven

i think i nearly had a hernia when i saw this!
i am a firm believer in the lwd (little white dress, obviously) - they never cease to be able to captivate me and there is nothing in a clothing shop that calls out to me more than a little white number.
this guest post on 100 layer cake by unruly things has made me so happy, i just had to share!

♥ xo

Sunday, 21 March 2010

i am pooped

they say housework burns tons of calories (no wonder my mum is in such good shape!), and boy are they right. i'm exhausted but at least my room is sparkling clean.

my room

i did a huge clear out and finally managed to get a couple things up on ebay.
sunday's are definitely super productive, now let's hope i can get this presentation for uni done!

♥ xo

spring clean

i'm an impossible hoarder - i can't throw anything away! there are empty bottles crowding my make-up area, old lists and reminder notes littering my desk, and clothes all over the floor that didn't quite make it to the laundry basket. top it all off with a teeny tiny bedroom, and it's basically a recipe for disaster. luckily i have a good cleaning playlist that goes a little something like this...

you make my dreams come true - hall & oates
in my head - jason derulo
spotlight - usher & gucci man
thrash unreal - against me!
starstrukk - 3oh!3 ft. katy perry
won't go quietly - example
she's got you high - mumm ra

heaven forbid i don't survive this clear out, thanks for reading my blog! but in the likelihood that i'll tackle this mean feat..see you on the other side, with a picture post of my cheeky little boudoir thrown in for good measure!

♥ xo

Friday, 19 March 2010

rise and shine

it's 7:30 in the morning and after a horrible night's sleep (think flatmates coming home at 4am and yelling the house down), i'm failing to see the funny side of having to be up this early (i'm a student, let me indulge myself) to finish writing a paper about organic farming and short food chains. so i thought it might be apt to share some natural fashion in the form of emma watson's line for people tree at asos.com - i have to say, the pieces are quite sweet (esp. the slogan tee and daisy chain motifs), and unlike other celebrity collections, you can see that she has actually done more than choose a zipper for a pair of jeans! and, apart from the hand-knitted cricket sweaters, they're also quite reasonably priced!
here are my top picks:

{please don't panic..i'm organic, cotton twill coat, embroidered waist dress, all at asos.com}

also seems that emma (and her brother!)'s time modelling for burberry has pulled some inspiration for the collection - £65 for a burberry lookey-likey, anyone?

♥ xo

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

i can feel your heart beat through my shirt

this must be a truly modern day love song. i love snow patrol - always simple melodies and heart felt lyrics that are perfect together. i'm a little stressed at the moment with classes and essays and work, but this song reminds me to slow it down and remember that there are people who love me, and that's all that matters

Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes from Raimond Schipper on Vimeo.

♥ xo

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

great lakes!

i am in love with the whimsy illustrations from great lakes
the drawings are so sweet and simple and such lovely sentiments to go with!


♥ xo

Sunday, 14 March 2010

birthday wishes

my mum mentionned that her and my dad were talking about my up coming birthday, and as it's my 21st, that they wanted to get me something special that i could keep forever. popped into liberty's today and chose this sweet ring by english designer, alex monroe.
i love his carefully crafted pieces that are inspired by nature, and it's definitely a real plus to me that the pieces are made in england.

i couldn't help noticing this miu miu handbag though, while we were out and about today.

the bag is sweet and tiny, and i was definitely coveting it in a shade of powder blue. it has a long detachable strap that can be doubled up to be used as a shorter shoulder strap, and i could have died at its, for lack of a better word, 'cuteness' (it went with my outfit perfectly). but while i adore the bag, i'm inherently afraid of carrying such a perfect little designer gem. what if it gets marked? i would probably cry. or i would end up not really using it which would be a shame for the bag and for my sorely bruised pocket. what are your thoughts on extremely priced designer bags?

i can't help thinking for the same money i could have...

{1. julep chair by designers guild, 2. wedgewood tea service with all the trimmings, 3. rob ryan screenprint}
actually, the bag doesn't seem so much now! such a trial of the heart. and the piggy bank.

♥ xo

Friday, 12 March 2010

you're nothing but a pack of cards

alice in wonderland is everywhere at the moment, and so it should be! apart from the fact that i saw the movie in 3d at the weekend and it was brilliant (love love love helena bonham carter), spring's softer palettes and diaphanous shapes work really well with a twist from a whimsical world of talking cats and rabbits with pocket watches. i especially love the white queen's wardrobe, as i can never resist a clean white dress. but i feel like alice in wonderland has been blogged to death, so i just wanted to draw attention to this ridiculous and wonderful collection of jewellery based on alice's adventure, by japanese label Q-pot.


tea cup earrings and eat me ring anyone?

♥ xo

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

bella stella

while i rue the fact that my boyfriend drinks stella artois in bed and leaves strategically placed trampy cans in my boudoir bedroom, i have to share my appreciation for stella's recent ad campaigns, especially the one that i see every morning at the tube station on my way to class. so classic and smooth. shame drinking this beer doesn't actually portray the same suave-ness!

this reminds me of lazy days on the french riviera (more of those ice cream colours, then!), wearing all-in-ones and scarves around a chic pinned up-do.

{liberty sunglasses, topshop hotpants, anthropologie bikini, river island one-piece}

these pieces really reflect that loungy, but glamourous feeling that i get when i see the stella poster. and why not pack it all up in this sweet sweet suitcase, a darling collaboration between merci and liberty. this little carry-all is soo going on my birthday wishlist!

oh, sweet summer. i can't wait to see you again!

♥ xo

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

you shall go to the ball

when awards season rolls around i love looking at the beautiful flowing gowns that come out to play and seeing my favourite actresses dolled up to the nines in outfits that have no place in any day-to-day wardrobe. on closer examination, though, it's possible to pick out key trends and translate them into everyday outfits for the everyday girl. yippee!
i love miley cyrus in this dress - she looks so elegant and grown up, but still keeps it edgy with a messy up-do and black nails. a ballgown may be impractical, but this lipsy dress is perfect for a less formal party. the brocade detail adds instant glamour with a subtle shine, and the bra cups echo miley's dress to a tee, a trend that just won't seem to go away!
demi has got it so right this year in beautiful versace. and while i am completely in love with all those tiers of ruffles, it's the bodice of the dress that really speaks to one of spring's key trends - ruching. this topshop dress is really something, and for probably a tenth of the price, it's quite a good rival, non?

rachel mcadams was glowing in an elie saab dress that suited her skin tone perfectly, but i actually prefer this whistles take on watercolour couture. i think this wrap dress would work perfectly dressed down with chunky leather sandals or slouchy boots, or dressed up with sky high heels and gold jewellery.

while nicole richie's red carpet rebel pick doesn't really speak to my inner style (no ruffles, pastels or bows in sight!) i have to say that it suits her well and i love her ballerina bun (ballerina chic is definitely something i can work with). and this whistles sequin bodycon number really hits the spot. perfect for those last few winter parties, me thinks!

♥ xo

all oscars 2010 {images}

i scream, you scream

my favourite thing about spring is when all the ice cream colours start coming out. bright pops of melt in your mouth candy floss shades that i literally can't resist.

i love these simple (and half the price of american apparel) sweaters from topshop. i picked up the mint one yesterday and am wearing it today with a layered white mini skirt, opaques and some nude ballerinas. perfect!

♥ xo

Monday, 8 March 2010

oh happy day

i have been so happy lately with the beautiful sunshine. this weekend consisted of chinese dinners, alice and wonderland (which is, true to form, wonderful!), bunny window shopping and walking along the river in richmond.
today i went shopping and while primark is undoubtedly cheap and you can update your entire wardrobe probably for under £20, i can't help hating it. i always come out empty-handed and in a considerably worse mood than when i entered. in my opinion it strips shopping of its joys - of beautiful displays, luxurious fabrics, helpful shop assisstants and space in the mirror to assess your choices.
give me topshop anyday!
topshop have really outdone themselves this week (i don't go too often, but it seems as though they change the displays more than neccessary!). although upstairs is crowded with scaffolding and feels a bit lack lustre, the new spring collections downstairs are so pretty - florals, silks, lace and ruffles are everywhere and the displays are filled with flowers swaying in the breeze of fans laden with streamers. like a dreamworld.

♥ xo

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

little ol' list

i'm completely inspired by nicole's birthday list on making it lovely and all of the things she wants to do before her 30th birthday in september! i wish i had thought of this...and earlier to boot! alas it is just a bit more than a month until my 21st birthday...and while 21 is surely a milestone age, it's probably not important enough to have an 'ohmygosh i want to do all these things before i'm 21!' moment, because then there'll be nothing left to do once i'm actually 21. and it's realist that i'm going to do anything new before april 24th, seeing as i am completely stressed out with all the uni work i'm doing (or should be....i'm in the middle of writing an essay right now). so i'm planning to make a list of all the things i want to do when i am 21, to make 21 a truly memorable year for me. yippee!

♥ xo