Wednesday, 28 July 2010


obviously when i wrote yesterdays post i had completely forgotten i am off to the south of france today! so blogging will recommence next week,

♥ xo

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


so it has definitely been a's been a whirlwind few months what with finishing up exams, working A LOT and then graduation! i am officially a SOAS graduate which makes me so excited but also a little bit scared.

At the moment I'm interning with a pr/marketing/events company which is really exciting, but i'm realllly excited to be interning next month with a fashion and lifestyle blog and i will be running around at LFW taking photos and doing some blog posts, which i'll discuss nearer the time.

i've felt a little uninspired to blog recently - i've moved home for now and when i'm at home i don't feel independent anymore, which makes me feel like i have nothing to blog about. but i'm really hoping to get my blog back on track and write about something worth reading!!

toodles (for now) ♥ xo