Wednesday, 27 January 2010

number one.

hiya! my name's catherine and this is my blog. i'm 20 and love all things girly. you'll hear a lot more about that later. there is a boy in my life and he's lovely. you'll probably hear a bit about that later, too. i'm finishing my 3rd year at university this summer and i'm excited but also super nervous because that means i'm graduating...and i'll be 21 by then! i set up this blog to document everything that inspires me - i'm like a magpie, i love all things glittery. you will definitely hear more about that later.

check back here for links to what i'm coveting right now, all things bright and beautiful that catch my eye, and general musings about my little life!

catherine ♥ xo

p.s. oh! and i'm also a perfectionist.

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