Thursday, 4 February 2010

talk about a conflict of interests!

this year, chinese new year happens to fall on valentine's day. and while the obvious idea would be to go for chinese food with my beau, the new year is a little bit more than just about the food (although i can't deny i love stuffing my face - phoenix palace off baker street does divine banquet food that's perfect for an occassion). new year for me is about family, eating together, and the all important red packets! how can i miss this as a family occassion? luckily for me, my anniversary with the boy is conveniently two days after valentine's day - what does this mean for us? no overpriced displays of affection, overhyped dining offers and, hopefully, discount roses that aren't being pushed in your face (i.e. normal priced roses after the ridiculous hike up for valentine's day). but here's my top 5 list of valentine's gifts (for her):

1. {image}
i'm a sucker for perfect packaging, which is why i fall for benefit every time.

2. {image}
what a sweet little charm from juicy couture! i have a softspot for charms, pink and cupcakes, so what could be better than this!

3. {image}
i love this motto and believe in it 100%! this lovely print by hazel nicholls would have pride of place in my room, a daily reminder that's easy to follow.
4. {image}
clever urban outfitters! give this to your sweetheart and ensure she'll be making you breakfast in bed all year!

5. {image}
for me these shorties steal the show! silk (check), lace (check), adorable boudoir colour (check). i may have to pop out and get these for myself!

♥ xo

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