Friday, 9 April 2010

the office

everyone loved that office-in-a-closet closet, and i found the where i got the picture from - the lovely rockstar diaries. check it out! it's fast becoming my favourite blog (probably because of their adorable bulldog puppy and the amount that he features in their posts).

i've always seen little closet offices in design magazines, but now that i try and search for me, my search just comes up with duds that aren't entirely inspiring and not pretty enough to post on a girly blog, thank you very much!

so here's a picture that's inspiring me in the run up to my 21st birthday party


hopefully this will reflect somewhat my birthday - my boyfriend is giving me a bunny and my parents are giving me a chair (i sort of wish it was this vintage metal loveseat now!)

i can't wait to post all the bits from my party when it's over - think dessert table, ribbon streamers, baby photos and colourful lanterns.

♥ xo


  1. Happy Birthday!!
    Love the loveseat as well...
    Great Inspirations!

  2. I left you a blog Award over at my site. I hope you come on over and pick it and Share!