Tuesday, 4 May 2010

21 for a 21

so i completely forgot that my goal for turning 21 was to make a list of 21 wonderful things i'm going to do before my 22nd birthday. i've only missed out on a week or so of time (i'm sure 50 weeks will be plenty of time), so without further ado, here's the shortlist:

1. visit greece
2. get at least one internship to help me decide what i want to do in the future
3. make a double-tiered cake
4. try a new vegetable every month
5. do something new in london every month
6. take at least one picture a month with my beau
7. learn how to use my camera in manual mode
8. cook a three course meal
9. enter a competition
10. have an adventurous cocktail night
11. declutter my student bedroom and home bedroom
12. move out of home (i.e. the decluttering, as i'm going to have to condense 2 rooms into 1!)
13. try new hairstyles more often
14. keep a potted plant alive
15. fit back into my favourite jeans
16. party like i'm still a student
17. write letters to people i don't see often
18. write letters to people i do see often
19. make an art installation
20. learn a craft
21. read at least one book a month

♥ xo

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a smashing list! I love the going to Greece part! That's on my to-do's as well! xoxo