Saturday, 8 May 2010

in years to come

i finally got my hands on a one line a day five-year memory book. the first time i went to order it they were out of stock for months, so a few weeks ago i ordered one that never came, and i really wanted to start it for my birthday, so ended up ordering a second one that came in the post today. while i love the idea and am continuously amused about the fact that i will be 26 when i finish this thing (!!) and that i'm assuming there are going to be a lot of big changes during the next five years, i'm kind of disappointed the book isn't as pretty as i thought it was going to be. it's a bit more teal than i expected, instead of being a more charming baby blue, but it's what's going inside it that is going to be really important.

♥ xo


  1. OOps! I posted a whole long thing and deleted before the password. eek. Great idea Catherine! It will be a time to cherish (as I am already beyond your future 26 yrs) and this journal will probably see a lot of good times!

    xx Vivian @

  2. AW wow that is amazing! May have to snap one up for myself.

    BTW the H&M spring collection should be in stores now. I hear they've been emptying fast so you'll have to go grab quick haha! xxx

  3. I love that you are doing this dear. It's very inspiring. This book looks gorgeous! xoxo