Sunday, 16 May 2010

london in may

the weather in london has decided to go mental! it is raining loads and really quite chilly. this time last year i remember taking my exams in a stifling hot exam hall and coming out feeling wonderful and being able to sit out on the grass and get a tan. no such luck this year, perhaps down to the volcano!

a day like today is perfect for snuggling up and catching up on my favourite blogs - which is what i've been doing instead of revising - so here's a couple of my favourite features this week!
{9 by design via a cup of jo}
i really love this tv show! unfortunately i've only managed to watch a couple episodes but i love the mother's accent - could listen to her talk all day, which is lucky because she talks a lot in this programme! the kids are called wolfie, breaker, bellamy, talulah, five, holleder and major (yes, there are seven of them!!) and while they sound ridiculous in theory, the names are actually as adorable as the kids are!

{this beautiful bride's style via once wed}

i'm so excited to see this wedding feature next week! what girl can pull off a straw hat on her wedding? so beautiful

{marina and the diamonds via rockstar diaries}

i saw this video a while back but was reminded by it today on naomi's blog. i am simultaneously enchanted and freaked out by this video, the black glittery paint and the way here mouth moves when she sings, especially.

{art deco cinema wedding via the rock n roll bride}

just so so cool!

♥ xo

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