Thursday, 13 May 2010

style crush

while i'm obsessively refreshing bunny with fangs, hoping in vain that the new episodes of the hills and the city are going to be up soon, i thought i'd post some photos of my new style crush - olivia pallermo. i have to say, i sort of hate her. she is a wiley sneak and with each minute that she's on screen i get angrier and angrier (how does she think she can get away with all the things she says...she's on camera!!) but i can't help loving her style. she's so wispy, with a hint of a hunchback, but her reserved smile and saucer eyes are always perfectly off-set with a wardrobe full of luxe pieces, simple workwear separates and girly interludes. i'm also happy to see that whenever she's featured in magazines, she's often wearing a mixture of pieces from h&m and zara. in fact, while i don't know the origin the beautiful red rose jacket she was sporting at an anna sui show, it sure is a dead ringer for one of the pieces from h&m's garden collection.

{images from a selection at}
gotta love a girl who wears a dress on the red carpet twice!

the hills is now up, so look out for my olivia inspired mood board tomorrow!

♥ xo

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