Wednesday, 5 May 2010

vegetable of the month - may

last night i made salmon en croute for my boyfriend, but stuffed it with boursin cheese and this month's vegetable - artichokes. after being certain that i didn't like them, i had artichoke hearts with cous cous at home last week and decided they're my new favourite vegetable. i got this recipe from a waitrose magazine and it couldn't have been easier...or more delicious as leftovers for my lunch today!

the first picture is a little out of focus because we were so excited to cut it open and see what it looked like inside!

2 salmon fillets (or a large one sliced in half)
artichoke hearts
boursin cheese (the recipe suggested goats cheese, but i'm really not a fan)
ready made puff pastry
beaten egg yolk, to glaze

1. lay out one of the salmon fillets and spread generously with cheese and layered artichoke hearts
2. place the other salmon fillet on top and tie together with string like a parcel, so that none of the filling is spilling out
3. seal in a frying pan until it starts to crisp on each side
4. place on a sheet of puff pastry and wrap, tucking in the edges and sealing with a fork
5. brush with the egg yolk glaze and score the top with lines or any design you want! don't be scared to score deeply, i didn't think i was supposed to, so it didn't work all the well
6. bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 220C

♥ xo

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  1. Girl you successfully just made me hungry! Great dish! I love this concept! Thanks for sharing my dearest! xoxo