Wednesday, 3 March 2010

little ol' list

i'm completely inspired by nicole's birthday list on making it lovely and all of the things she wants to do before her 30th birthday in september! i wish i had thought of this...and earlier to boot! alas it is just a bit more than a month until my 21st birthday...and while 21 is surely a milestone age, it's probably not important enough to have an 'ohmygosh i want to do all these things before i'm 21!' moment, because then there'll be nothing left to do once i'm actually 21. and it's realist that i'm going to do anything new before april 24th, seeing as i am completely stressed out with all the uni work i'm doing (or should be....i'm in the middle of writing an essay right now). so i'm planning to make a list of all the things i want to do when i am 21, to make 21 a truly memorable year for me. yippee!

♥ xo

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