Friday, 19 March 2010

rise and shine

it's 7:30 in the morning and after a horrible night's sleep (think flatmates coming home at 4am and yelling the house down), i'm failing to see the funny side of having to be up this early (i'm a student, let me indulge myself) to finish writing a paper about organic farming and short food chains. so i thought it might be apt to share some natural fashion in the form of emma watson's line for people tree at - i have to say, the pieces are quite sweet (esp. the slogan tee and daisy chain motifs), and unlike other celebrity collections, you can see that she has actually done more than choose a zipper for a pair of jeans! and, apart from the hand-knitted cricket sweaters, they're also quite reasonably priced!
here are my top picks:

{please don't panic..i'm organic, cotton twill coat, embroidered waist dress, all at}

also seems that emma (and her brother!)'s time modelling for burberry has pulled some inspiration for the collection - £65 for a burberry lookey-likey, anyone?

♥ xo

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