Sunday, 14 March 2010

birthday wishes

my mum mentionned that her and my dad were talking about my up coming birthday, and as it's my 21st, that they wanted to get me something special that i could keep forever. popped into liberty's today and chose this sweet ring by english designer, alex monroe.
i love his carefully crafted pieces that are inspired by nature, and it's definitely a real plus to me that the pieces are made in england.

i couldn't help noticing this miu miu handbag though, while we were out and about today.

the bag is sweet and tiny, and i was definitely coveting it in a shade of powder blue. it has a long detachable strap that can be doubled up to be used as a shorter shoulder strap, and i could have died at its, for lack of a better word, 'cuteness' (it went with my outfit perfectly). but while i adore the bag, i'm inherently afraid of carrying such a perfect little designer gem. what if it gets marked? i would probably cry. or i would end up not really using it which would be a shame for the bag and for my sorely bruised pocket. what are your thoughts on extremely priced designer bags?

i can't help thinking for the same money i could have...

{1. julep chair by designers guild, 2. wedgewood tea service with all the trimmings, 3. rob ryan screenprint}
actually, the bag doesn't seem so much now! such a trial of the heart. and the piggy bank.

♥ xo


  1. Hi doll, how exciting your 21st coming up! I really like both items you picked, the ring is beautiful and unique and the bag is chic. I think you should go with the ring, that way it's a memory of the occasion that you'll always have. And about the bag, I'm a firm believer that every woman should own her own designer bag, but that it's something she buys herself after an accomplishment she's earned. You'll treasure it so much more. Trust me! xoxo

  2. Oh I think the ring is a must! Much more sentimental and something you´ll cherish for a long time. the bag is so pretty but you might not remember it so well as a great 21st bday memory. I´m sentimental can you tell?

    xx Vivian @