Monday, 8 March 2010

oh happy day

i have been so happy lately with the beautiful sunshine. this weekend consisted of chinese dinners, alice and wonderland (which is, true to form, wonderful!), bunny window shopping and walking along the river in richmond.
today i went shopping and while primark is undoubtedly cheap and you can update your entire wardrobe probably for under £20, i can't help hating it. i always come out empty-handed and in a considerably worse mood than when i entered. in my opinion it strips shopping of its joys - of beautiful displays, luxurious fabrics, helpful shop assisstants and space in the mirror to assess your choices.
give me topshop anyday!
topshop have really outdone themselves this week (i don't go too often, but it seems as though they change the displays more than neccessary!). although upstairs is crowded with scaffolding and feels a bit lack lustre, the new spring collections downstairs are so pretty - florals, silks, lace and ruffles are everywhere and the displays are filled with flowers swaying in the breeze of fans laden with streamers. like a dreamworld.

♥ xo

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  1. walking along the river in sunshine sounds so wonderful. :)