Thursday, 25 March 2010


over the past few months i've noticed that since i started university in 2007, the weight has slowly but surely been creeping up. it doesn't help that my mum gives me pitying smiles when i mention my discomfort with my weight gain (she eats like a horse and she is miniscule), but topshop seems to think that my arse is the same size as jupiter, despite me being able to wear small sizes in other stores due to my petite frame. of course the boyfriend says all is fine, but it's not really for anyone else, it's just for myself. since just before christmas i have been vowing to do something about it, and since i returned to uni in january i've been avidly going to the gym and starting to see some results (and enjoying it!). there's still a bit of flab that only a diet can fix, but on the whole everything is slightly less wobbly. this is good.
it hasn't helped living with three boys who cook beautiful food but at the same time fill the cupboards with doritos, cookies and BACON. bacon is my vice. so yesterday i started the special k diet. i ate 2 bowls of special k, a banana, a clementine, an apple, a carrot and for my meal of the day, ultimate nachos :) but healthy nachos with loads of avocados, fresh peppers and kidney beans. and i drank about 3 litres of water, which is a lot for a little body like me. today was a bit harder because, while i love special k and never get sick of it, there was tempting chilli beef left over from last night. so i mixed a little bit with a salad of cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, onions and a little cottage cheese. beautiful. and still low cal, so everything is going to plan.
i feel like when i lose a few pounds i'll just be a lot happier, and somewhere along the way i think i just gave up when i felt like i'd past the point of no return and i was never going to get my 2007 body back!

don't worry, i'm not going to moan about my weight from here-on after, but i think i might start posting a few foodie pictures. i love eating and i love cooking, so it's probably about time i incorporated this into my blog.

thanks for reading if you're still there!

♥ xo


  1. I just did a similar post and finally went to Bikram Yoga last night! It was sooo hard after not working out in months! But I gotta do it. I'm feeling so roly-poly lately. Great job and let us know how the Special K diet works. I'm sure it's great (I'm just not a fan of cereal).

    xx Vivian @

  2. Hi doll, I think a lot of us are feeling a little too much cushion for the push'n! I support ya girl! I am working on my fitness too! I'm not a huge gym fan so I like yoga and pilates and just walking and hiking outdoors. And swimming is my fav! I ordered yoga and pilates dvds from Stings wife on amazon, who has an amazing body for her age! I get them any day now! Hope your special K works !! xoxo

  3. oh! and those yellow flats on my Frida post are from Steve Madden!