Friday, 12 March 2010

you're nothing but a pack of cards

alice in wonderland is everywhere at the moment, and so it should be! apart from the fact that i saw the movie in 3d at the weekend and it was brilliant (love love love helena bonham carter), spring's softer palettes and diaphanous shapes work really well with a twist from a whimsical world of talking cats and rabbits with pocket watches. i especially love the white queen's wardrobe, as i can never resist a clean white dress. but i feel like alice in wonderland has been blogged to death, so i just wanted to draw attention to this ridiculous and wonderful collection of jewellery based on alice's adventure, by japanese label Q-pot.


tea cup earrings and eat me ring anyone?

♥ xo


  1. Super cute! How adorable would those earrings be for a tea party!

    xx Vivian @

  2. Ooh those earrings are calling my name girl! Have a great weekend xoxo