Wednesday, 10 March 2010

bella stella

while i rue the fact that my boyfriend drinks stella artois in bed and leaves strategically placed trampy cans in my boudoir bedroom, i have to share my appreciation for stella's recent ad campaigns, especially the one that i see every morning at the tube station on my way to class. so classic and smooth. shame drinking this beer doesn't actually portray the same suave-ness!

this reminds me of lazy days on the french riviera (more of those ice cream colours, then!), wearing all-in-ones and scarves around a chic pinned up-do.

{liberty sunglasses, topshop hotpants, anthropologie bikini, river island one-piece}

these pieces really reflect that loungy, but glamourous feeling that i get when i see the stella poster. and why not pack it all up in this sweet sweet suitcase, a darling collaboration between merci and liberty. this little carry-all is soo going on my birthday wishlist!

oh, sweet summer. i can't wait to see you again!

♥ xo


  1. That one piece is divine girl! I need it ;)
    Cute blog xoxo

  2. i like the suits very vintage. i am digging the blog keep it up!!

  3. I love their ads too. I've been seeing them everywhere around london lately. Have you seen the one with the pool table in the pool? I don't think thats even possible but it looks so glam!